Non-negotiable Club Rules

Each party host may have their own set of additional rules. Please check their websites for more information.
  • No drugs allowed! We are a DRUG-FREE club. If you can’t buy it legally, it doesn’t belong in the club.
    If you need to take drugs to have a good time, then rather take that good time somewhere else.
    If you are found to be in possession of illegal substances, we will have no hesitation in calling the SAPS
  • No firearms allowed on the premises
  • No cameras allowed on the premises
    The only camera’s we allow on the premises are those provided by the party hosts.
    No other personal camera’s are allowed on the premises.
  • Respect the room rules
    Some rooms, like the voyeurs room, have special rules. Please make sure that you understand them.
  • No fighting or abusive behavior
    If you have a problem, inform the party hosts and club managers, who will sort out any problems.
    If you take matters into your own hands, you will be removed from the club and permanently banned.
  • No solicitation
    We are not a brothel. If you want to charge for sex (or pay for it) there are plenty of websites out there where you can go ply your trade.
    Prostitution is NOT part of our lifestyle and we will not tolerate it at our club or at any of our events.
  • No drunken behavior
    We understand that everyone likes a drink or two, but if you become drunk and disorderly you will be shown the door.
  • Respect our premises
    Don’t break the furniture. 
  • Respect the rights of other members
    No always means no….it doesn’t mean yes, maybe or later.
  • Smoking areas
    If you are a smoker, please make sure that you only smoke in the designated areas.
  • No persons under 21 allowed


General guidelines

(If its your first time at the club)
  • Please make sure you get to the Club by 9PM
  • Attend the introductory tour and get to know the club layout, room policies and rules.
  • Make sure that you book prior to attending an event or you may not be allowed in
  • Don’t be late – you will be turned away
  • Bring your own towels – we have a limited supply of lockers and towels, so its best to bring your own if you can
  • Condoms – we provide condoms throughout the club, but if you want something fancy its best to bring your own
  • Toys – we do have a sample of toys that you can buy at reception, but if u want a Double Danny with the extra anal vibrator, its probably best you bring your own to avoid disappointment
  • Treat the facilities the same way that you would treat your own
  • After a play session, please make sure that you leave the room the same way you found it.
  • Use the dustbins, that’s what they are there for.
  • Change the sheets
  • Don’t smoke in non-smoking areas
  • Don’t take glasses and glass bottles into the pool area
  • Don’t laugh or belittle other members, they might not be as well endowed as you but they have the same right to be there as you do.
  • Don’t talk about your mother’s double hernia operation in a public play area
  • Don’t tie up your partner in the dungeon and then disappear to the bar for an hour
  • Performance enhancers
    We do stock a sample of legal sex enhancement pills (SuperManPill, RedDragon etc) which can be bought from reception.
    Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not a performance enhancer
  • Nothing illegal may be brought into the club
  • We have a fully licenced bar, there is no need to bring your own booze into the club
  • We are lovers, not fighters.
    Fighting is for people who can’t get laid. You came to the club to have fun, so stick to the plan!!!
  • If you are not sure of something, just ask!